Mauri Moncada Photography

I wake up every day loving what I do, and look forward to joining you on a journey and telling your story with what I capture.

Born in Chile, South America, I have lived in Cape Town for the best part of my life, and truly am proudly South African.

As a Cape Town based photographer, I specialise in couple portraits, engagement shoots, weddings, real estate photography as well as corporate, sporting and media events

My interest in photography started in 2002, while travelling abroad. Finding myself in some of the most beautiful locations, I took to photographing interesting people, beautiful landscapes and pretty much anything that caught my eye.

Deciding that this interest was in fact a passion, I went on to formalise my skills and completed the course in photography at City Varsity. Not only did my camera become an extension of my arms, I also found this amazing world of expression. This new creative medium turned my interest in photography into love.

Previously having worked in the Film industry for just under a decade, researching and scouting for international TV commercials to be shot in Cape Town and throughout South Africa, my knowledge and affection for this beautiful country have grown and strengthened.